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clofentezine 20%SC

An acaricide belonging to the tetrazine chemical group, acting primarily as an ovicide, with some activity on early motile stages. It has a specific contact mode of action with long residual activity. This compound does not appear to affect predatory mites or beneficial insect species in field experiments. 



Used for the residual control of mites in plant protection. Used on a wide range of crops ĘC apples, pears, stone fruit, nuts, ornamentals, almonds etc.


Uses and Dosage:



Rate of use



Red spider

120-125 mg/kg


Apple trees

Red spider

80-100 mg/kg

Pear trees

Red spider

50-100 mg/kg



Not a skin irritant or eye irritant.

As with other mammals, clofentezine does not pose a high toxicity risk to humans.

Routing monitoring of workers in a factory producing clofentezine showed no adverse effects attributable to exposure to this chemical. No studies on potential risk available.

Not classified as an endocrine disruptor, but some sources list it as a suspected endocrine disruptor.



The product is low toxic pesticide; however parts of body contacted by the product must be cleaned with clean water or soap.

The product is stored in condition of dryness; meanwhile kept away from fire. The period of validity is two years.

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