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acetamiprid 97%TC

Acetamiprid is an organic compound with the chemical formula C10H11ClN4. It is an odorless neonicotinoid insecticide produced under the trade names Assail, and Chipco by Aventis CropSciences.



It is systemic and intended to control sucking insects on crops such as leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, pome fruits, grapes, cotton, cole crops, and ornamental plants. It is also a key pesticide in commercial cherry farming due to its effectiveness against the larvae of the cherry fruit fly.




It is classified as unlikely to be a human carcinogen.                         

It has a low acute and chronic toxicity in mammals with no evidence of carcinogenicity, neurotoxicity or mutagenicity.



The product is low toxic pesticide; however parts of body contacted by the product must be cleaned with clean water or soap.

The product is stored in condition of dryness; meanwhile kept away from fire. The period of validity is two years.

It has toxicity to the silkworm, do not spray on mulberry leaves.

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