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Azoxystrobin 95%TC

Azoxystrobin is a fungicide commonly used in agriculture. The substance is used as an active agent protecting plants and fruit/vegetables from fungal diseases.

Azoxystrobin is widely used in farming, particularly in wheat farming. Applying agents containing azoxystrobin provides protection against many types of diseases, including:
•Wheat septoria
•Septoria leaf spot
•Wheat leaf rust (Puccinia recondita)
•Rye leafrust (Puccinia triticina)
•Powdery mildew
•Downy mildew
•Stripe rust
•Pyrenophora teres.
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Azoxystrobin possesses the broadest spectrum of activity of all presently known antifungals. It is presently the only counteragent that has the ability to protect against the 4 big groups of fungal diseases:
•Ascomycota: Septoria
•Deuteromycota: Pyricularia (rice harvesting)
•Basidiomycota: Stripe rust
•Oomycota: Water mould (grape harvesting)  

Azoxystrobin is classified as very toxic to aquatic organisms and £šits main degradation product£© R234886 as very harmful.

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